Tickets & Fares


Charter the 180 passenger catamaran “Bay Breeze”
Available M

Purchase tickets and passes on the ferry on the lower deck at the bar. We accept cash, checks, VISA, MasterCard and Commuter Check.
Free Bus Transfers with Ferry Ticket Purchase.
EAST BAY Bus Transfers – Every ferry ticket holder may request an AC Transit bus transfer which allows ferry riders free AC Bus from the terminals. An additional charge is required for AC Express (X) buses.
For maps and bus schedule information:

SAN FRANCISCO Bus Transfers are valid on MUNI buses, trolleys and light rail with no surcharge. A cable car surcharge is required. MUNI transfers must be validated onboard the ferry before use. MUNI transfers from the ferry terminal are valid for two hours from the time stamped on the transfer ticket. On MUNI from the ferry, give the detached, validated MUNI stub to the driver for validation. MUNI transfers to the ferry terminal are valid until midnight of the date issued. ON MUNI to the ferry, present the MUNI stub with ther ferry ticket attached. An additional charge is required for cable cars.
Some restrictions apply. For maps and bus schedule information:

Commuter FARES
Alameda Harbor Bay Ferry passengers can purchase Ferry tickets, passes and books on board our ferries. Alameda Harbor Bay Ferry accepts cash, checks, Visa, Mastercard and Commuter Checks as payment for ferry tickets.
One-Way Adults $6.00
One-Way Juniors (5–12 years) $2.85
Children (under 5) FREE
One-Way Seniors (62 and over) $3.45
Disabled $3.45
Active Military $4.60
One-Way Commute (book of 10) $48.75
One-Way Commute (book of 20) $86.00
Monthly Pass $161.00
*Free MUNI and AC Transit Transfers Provided